What is the square root of delicious?

Burger Function is a small game company located in Vancouver BC, Canada. We love creating fun and rewarding experiences to share with others – like a tasty barbecue on a beautiful summer day – and we’re working hard to build this same spirit into our gaming experiences. We’ve got the meat on the grill, the table is set, and it smells delicious in here. Soon we’ll have you licking your screens for more.


We’re cooking up something awesome!

A sampling of the varied art styles in Atomic Brawl

Atomic Brawl is a collectible strategy game that you play against other players from the comfort of your phone, tablet or browser. You’ve seen similar games before, but never one quite like this. You get to collect and choose from hundreds of characters and items to play, with such tried and true favorites as:

  • - drunken kittens
  • - angry schoolchildren
  • - rollerskating power lifters
  • - spoiled beauty queens
  • - flamboyant beach boys
  • - teleporting baseball stars


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Got questions? Want to know more? Or just need a new burger recipe to impress that carnivorous girl down the street? Send us a note and we’ll do our best to help.